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Motor Buildup Headway Update
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Well since the block currently in the bird is shot (nearly a 1/4" deep gash in bore) i decided to build up my original motor (225K miles) as a temporary solution at very least since I'm tired of taking the bus and the bike. Anyway, tore it apart and had it checked out and get this..less than 2/1000ths variation from spec on bores and less than 1/1000th on the pistons. No ridge at all. Current plan (since I am beyond tapped dry) is to basically tank it all, do the bearings and rings and throw the mofo back together. Had planned to to a bore but I don't really need to so why spend the money? Anyway theres the update on the deadbird for you guys. Just goes to show what this motor can take if maintained well!

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Just pulled the head off my Bird with 132,000 miles and the bores are still within the factory bore specs and only vary from 3.7799 to 3.7815
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