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Moonroof Questions
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My 88 Thunderbird has a moonroof and it's been having a small issue.  When I bought the car I noticed that it didn't sit flush with the roof skin, it sat proud.  I thought this was likely the cause of the wind noise I was getting that started around 50mph.  I've been daily driving the car for the last few months and it does not leak at all so that's a plus.  One thing I've noticed is that when I shut the door, the glass actually pops up for an instant and then settles back in place.  The air pressure of the door shutting is pushing the glass out.  Here comes the questions because I have never messed with a moonroof/sunroof in all my years of cars and mechanics.  

Is this a problem anyone here as seen before?  Anything I should be looking for?  Is there some form of adjustment in the tracks to allow you to adjust the height in relation to the roof?  The big question, can you still get parts for it should I need them?  I was able to find a seal so I went ahead and got that to put in when I finally tear into this thing.

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There are screws along the sides and front of the glass frame. Adjusting these allow you to raise and lower the glass panel.
I used to always slide the glass back and then raise it up into the closed position for a nice flush fit.
I no longer own a Tbird and I sold my shop manuals so I can’t help you much more than that.
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SOLD September 2020. Will miss this car after 19 years of building/driving/showing....time for a new chapter in my life.
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