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Tonight i ordered the gillis boost valve is there anything else i need to get to install it?Im getting a K&n Sunday what is the part # for the cone one?Also how much would it cost for a good exhaust system(3 inch downpipe 2.5 pipes)?Thanks for all the help.
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You might need a little bit of hose to connect it. Then you can just tie up the others or just leave them where they are. The part number for the 6 inch cone is K&N part # RE-0930. I don't know how much the full exhaust 3" dp to 2.5 duals is pretty steep!! [Image: confused.gif] If it was me I would do full 3" exhaust. It would be cheaper. Some say it is ugly and they would think rice blah, blah. I say let them think it. They will probably get a good veiw of your tailpipe at the light anyway. [Image: tongue.gif] Anyway enough of my ranting. Hope this helps you. Maybe someone else on this list can give you a price tag on the exhaust.

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The Gillis valve will come with all the parts you need to install it including hose. This would be a good time to inspect all your vacuum hoses and replace any that need it. If so you will have to get hose to replace the bad ones. You will get instructions with the kit. If you want to read them early see the article in the Technical Articles section. There is also a diagram there.

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Are you sure you know where to put the valve? There are 2 different ways to run it.
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i had a 3 inch downpipe running into 3 inch y pipe into 3 inch catco cat with 3inch mufflers in and 2 and a half inch tailpipes out none of it mandrel bent and it cost a little over 600.00 here in central nebraska 3 inch tailpipes might be tight more so on pass side around gas tank

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