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I have been wanting a new set of rims for my 88TC for some time. It seems there are only a few options for the 4 lug axles. Either the variety of Fox Mustang wheels or wheels made for FWD cars with way too much offset. I like the 93 Cobra wheels but DO NOT want the front wheels sticking out past the fenders. I would prefer them to not stick out at all so I can lower the car a small amount ( 1" max) without any rubbing issues. I have found some wheels with only 2mm of additional offset which shouldn't cause any problems. All the others have from 5 to 12mm more offset. My question is: has anyone installed FWD rims and used a spacer to compensate for the excessive inboard offset?
These are 17x7 with 35mm offset. Any opinions? My TC is silver.
[Image: EBSmlmq.jpg]

[Image: elvnz1c.jpg]

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Personal opinion here: Silver.
Lost in translation..........
'88 TurboCoupe, Automatic, stone-stock (as I just got it) for now. Trying to get it back running and roadworthy before mods begin.

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