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Somewhat on the topic of TC's.

I picked up a model 1987 TC, and when I first made it, I did the normal follow all instructions to make as clean and shiny new looking car as possible.

I thought that looked rather fake, and boring, so I decided to make as exact a replica of my current car as possible, including the rust!

There you go! A shot of my car, complete with rusted quarter panels, and faded paint on the roof and door, paint worn off on the trim, and blacked out wheels.

There's a shot of the rear end, you can see the rust on the trunk, a better shot of the faded, worn roof, and even a shot of my fedora in the back window! (Where my hat really sits)

There you can see a shot of the interior. I dingied up the interior, and even more important, added the tons upon tons of clutter that can most often be found in my car. You can see my school bag, the dream catcher hanging from my mirror, and all the paper in the back. Can't see the cracked dash, but rest assured I did add that.

Here is where I put in the most detail. The "stock" engine bay was too clean, too shiny, too open. So I threw in every wire I could remember. You can easily see the plug wires, and the annoying mess of wires near the brake booster. I also added in the rest of the ABS unit (Rather than just the fluid tank), the "shelf" on the fan shroud, and the PRC/other luxury item control module, plus modded in a cone filter and boost control valve.
To top it all off, I gave the whole engine bay an nice dry brush of flat black, to give it that dingy, oily look that is so very common.

So, what do you guys think?
The Wench 1987 Turbocoupe. 5 speed. Black with Raven/Charcoal interior. Beater.
Mods: Cone filter, manual 2 stage boost controller (Gillis style), Thrush Glasspack (Pre-axle dump.)

Steve B Offline
LOL thats awesome. I love it.
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My Car

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Nice Job!! That roof looks perfect! Same as mine except I've got about 50% Primer.
Mike C
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who has that much time??????

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man I love the extra touch of the clutter inside. that's funny cool!
Sold it Sad*

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Dude, I'm a broke college student in my own apartment. Too much time is my life ;p (Except when classes are going on.)

But thanks! It really was quite fun to make, glad you all like.
The Wench 1987 Turbocoupe. 5 speed. Black with Raven/Charcoal interior. Beater.
Mods: Cone filter, manual 2 stage boost controller (Gillis style), Thrush Glasspack (Pre-axle dump.)

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That is amazing! You even got the wear marks on the top of the Top mount lol and teh faded roof with the rusted quater panels, thats so awesome! Thankfully mine 88 TC isnt not like that...(knock on wood)Put that on your dash at a car show lol
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Pete D Offline
Great job. The detailing is fantastic.
Pete Dunham


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That is really something! The essence of a good model is the realism! You certainly have added that in your rendition!

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