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MFS replace
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My MFS just went out on me ofcourse at night when i have to go to work. What all do i have to do to replace the switch ??
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Remove the center trim piece under the steering shaft at the dash.
Lower the steering shaft a small amount by loosening the two nuts under the center dash. This will allow the upper shaft trim piece to be removed.
Remove the shaft trim pieces, upper and lower. They're a clam shell type arrangement, several screws hold the two halves together.
As I recall there are two attachments points for the MFS, it should be obvious now as everything on the steering shaft assembly is exposed.
There are two bolts under the MFS that you should check for tightness. These bolts seem to get loose over time and allow the steering wheel to move around a bit. Might as well check them now with the MFS removed.

Reverse for assembly.
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Just to add....the two screws holding the MFS in are torx. If you trim the plastic "leg" off of the top column cover while you have it off, you won't have to drop column down next time to get it off, just slide it forward.

I also highly suggest doing the relay upgrades....or this won't be the last time you replace it, or the headlight switch.

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