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Metal Fuel Lines
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Under the engine and running along the back side of the K memeber und coming up on the drivers side are the metal fuel lines. One is larger than the other one. Which is the supply line and which is the return line? The larger of the two broke at the 90 degree upturn to the plastic fuel lines on my car. Can I use regular rubbber fuel line to splice the two pieces back together or even a short piece of the high pressure plastic stuff? Any suggestions would be nice. Thanks, Michael
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The larger of the two is the supply line. You can use a piece of high pressure rubber line and double clamp it on each end. Thousands have done it this way that are building Factory Five cobra replicas that are running EFI and never had problems. I would recommend putting a slight flare on it to be in the safe side. Being at an elbow, the only thing I'd be worried about is the line getting kinked.
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The larger one is supply, smaller is return.
If this is an 87-88 ,i know th efront right brake line and the rear brake line also run across the back of the K member. If your fuel line broke due to rust, then your brake lines are also in very bad shape and they see much higher pressures. BTDT

I'm not sure what line(s) you can use but remember that it will see pressures in the 50-60 psi range stock, could see pressure as high as 120 psi if a blockage occures.
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