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Merry Xmas & T-bird Update
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Well greatings everyone...I've been out mostly since I lost my TC a while back. Christmas has come and, though santa didn't bring me another my parents sprung for an 87 3.8LX since they knew I loved the things, even though the TC was high on their list of most useless things I've ever owned. Close & far away at the same time but its a car..which I didn't have before. Certainly an snowflakes are already on and I'm considering using my TC front fascia to replace the cracked up stock one...maybe a 5.0 conversion later then a quick sale for a 2.3L? I dunno..but for now its a car..and I'm happy. When I get pics back I'll post them...that and my little XMAS tree adorned with bird emblems and stuff. Hope all is well with everyone here...I said I'd be back and I will have another TC yet. Happy Holidays!
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Cool...well better an "almost" TC than no car huh ?

Congrats !

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