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Merkur VAM on an 88 TC?
turboken Offline
I was wondering if anyone knew if this would work? I found a rebuilt VAM for fairly cheap (new in box), but upon getting it the part number didnt match mine, and going by a page suggesting the larger VAM/computer swaps, saw this part number is from an XR4Ti from 1986. My old VAM was a victim of me being 17 and messing with the spring tension and not documenting my changes, so no chance to put it back to stock, and i wanted a fresh one. Fired up the TC after 5 years of just sitting and ooohhhhh, she sounded GOOD, once she warmed up and was able to idle on her own!
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My reference says all Merks used the small VAM, while your 88TC uses a big VAM. The Merk VAM is not going to give correct A/F performance.
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