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mark VII brakes
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what is involved to change the 4 wheel disc brake package from a lincoln mark VII on to the 88 tbird. and what year do i order?

Michael Offline
The fronts are just rotors from a mark VII with abs, they just swap out. I bought new seals. The rear, I just swapped the whole rear end. You need to find one with posi, will come with a 3.27 gear (I like that gear a lot) and its wider then the stock rear end. Makes the fender-wheel ratio look a lot better.

Search if you need more info, its been covered enough times. Also has some good tech articles.
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the front calipers are also bigger on the Mark than the bird. I believe the bird was 60mm piston and the mark has 73mm. I did the caliper swap with original bird rotors and noticed a little better braking. Nothing huge, but still better.
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what year with the mark VII calipers?

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