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Manual boost control / FMIC install help please
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Hey y'all. I've been talking to Shannon at Stinger, he's been a big help but thought I would ask some questions here also because I'm still a little confused.
I'm attempting to install a MBC and a FMIC.

I think I understand where to hook the MBC up. I think it goes in between the pink and yellow hose, the other end of the yellow or shorten the yellow I mean. If that's not correct please enlighten me. Shannon said I could also connect it and the BOV to the vacuum tree.
A few other questions.
What does the blue hose do? Is it for the boost gauge? The blue and green connect to a little tree on back of the turbo discharge pipe. Connect them together or what? I see there's a check valve on the blue hose. What's weird is the it it looks like it would get vacuum at times and boost at other times. I don't know what to do with them. I want the boost gauge to work.

[Image: 20160825_161544_20160825162827528_zpsp7l8tmkk.jpg]

[Image: 20160825_161520_zpsyvikktyn.jpg]

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The *best* thing to do with the blue and green hoses would be to leave them in their current configuration and weld a bung for the fitting they're both connected to on your IC piping. They are for the cruise control. They allow the cruise to get into a low amount of boost by the green hose pulling vacuum on the blue hose (the CC operates off vacuum). If that's not possible, disconnect both of them and cap off the tee at the other end of the blue hose (it's a tee with three hoses connected to it. Leave the other two in place). The cruise will still work that way - it just won't boost when using CC.

You are correct on the MBC hoses. I'd hook the MBC up with the pink and yellow hoses and the BOV to the vacuum tree. The fitting that the red hose is connected to just gets capped off.
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Awesome! Thanks Brian!

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