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Mandrel bend pipe
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I got my mufflers, now I can't find anybody that does mandrel bend exhaust. There are more muffler shops here then I thought, BUT nobody mandrel bends. I live in SW Pa., anybody around my area know of any shops that does mandrel bends? Thanks for any info.
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Your pretty much out of luck around here. I've looked into it, and not found anybody to do it either.

I used a mandrel bent 2 1/2" Mustang cat back on some of my previous cars, and have the ATR single 3" on my current 88.

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I've never known of any run-of-the-mill muffler or exhaust shop that did mandrel bends. Mostly because mandrel bending machines are EXPENSIVE and for 99.9% of those guys' customers, it doesn't really make a difference. But the nice thing is you can usually buy a lot of things that are already mandrel bent.
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