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making soem pregress, stereo wire quest.
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aftyer an hour conversation with my brother we coem to the concluision my cam stright out sucks. so i gonna swapp out my cam before i pul the motor and start doign a rebiuld, maybe i can save the motor.

but in themena time im put in a Walbro 255lph High Presuure pump, and got a AFPR.|
the pump i took out was a walbro, was this factory? i swapped the sendign unit form my 87 TC(RIP) about 3 years ago abut noever touched the pump, i got the part numebrs ill post later is it factory?

Wiring for stereo, i have 14gauge wire i have to shove threw the door wrieharness thing, how shoudl i got door to car, or car to door? any advic eon this? and were the heck am i gonna mount my crossovers for the fornt speakers? under passanger seat? im nto runnign massive watts through them just 45 w max! gotta have nice stereo to cancell out al the engien niose, he he.

thansk guys!

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You can do passive crossovers really easily, even the larger passives, like the Rockford Fosgates, can mount easily and discretely behind the dash.

As for wiring thru the boot in the doorjamb, take something like an unsharpened pencil, or a hollowed-out ballpoint pen casing, and run it thru first, then use that along with some tape/ties and patience to pull the wiring.

[Oh yeah- easiest way thru is probably going to be behind the speaker going from the door into the car...]

Good Luck.


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I can say from experience that door-to-car IS the easiest way, for sure!

Joe F.

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