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Maf conversion
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hey guys need some help when i get rich lol im planning to build a 2.3 just trying to get some of the questions worked out. i plan on keeping a relativley stock bottom end well displacement wise any way probably go with some stronger rods and some aftermarket pistons. im liking the Boport head and intake set up just not sure what cam i need to run. i like the stinger exhaust from the header all the way back but not sure what turbo would best fit my demands and next comes to what size injectors will i need and how the hell do i convert it to mass air or would mass air not be the way to go. ive just always like maf any other suggestions would be welcome i appreciate yalls input in advance lol.
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Search here and especially over at TF. There are literally thousands (if not 10s of thousands) of posts on these subjects.

First thing you need to do is deceide exactly what you want out of the car. Reasonably quick daily driver, darn fast street car, drag only car, autocross car, comfortable interstate cruiser, etc. What fuel will you run? pump 93, 110 race gas, E85, etc. DO you care about gas mileage or idle quality? Do you want the most low end torque or do you want to spin it north of 7000 RPM?
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ill do some research as you suggested jeff... im just completely new to turbos i understand the the basics but when you get into specifics like trim levels and the whole A/R thing comfuses me... as far as the car more or less id like a **** fast street car perhapse some where between 300 n 400 hp with the potential for more if wanted later on. ill be looking at running pump 93 fuel gas mileage isnt necessarliy important but i wouldnt turn it down if i had it lol. idle quality isnt really important as long as it dosnt stall out every time i take my foot off the gas. i use to have a 5.0 mustang which had plenty of low end torq so lets go for upper end power.
1988 T-Bird TC auto, all stock

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