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Mach 1 suspension on an 86
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I promised I searched.

Will this setup work on an 86 TC? I plan on lowering the car about an inch, and was hoping these would be good upgrades:

Front Tokico struts - gas-pressurized, Hydraulic, unique valving, 35 mm piston

Rear Tokico shock absorbers - Unique axle damper, gas-pressurized, hydraulic. Vertical with horizontal axle dampers, unique valving, 30 mm piston

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No. Mustang shocks are too short for TC's. You could get a T-Bird specific set of Tokico's, lower handling springs, a caster/camber kit, and more from Maximum Motorsports.

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Front struts will work, but you would at the very least need to upgrade to the 87+ 11" front brakes or the 94+ stuff.

The rear shocks are too short to work on a TBird
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