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Mabey i'm just being retarded again...
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But I'm thoroughly confused.

HOW am i supposed to pressurize the intake and vac lines? Could i just use a length of hose on a spare vac tree post and apply pressure? Or do i have to actually go from the throttle body?

I applied manual pressure to a hose on the tree (Yes, laugh all you want, i blew my car) and i could not build up ANY pressure at all.

Wait.... now that i think aboutit, i would have to go from the t-body to pressurize, right?

my brain hurts

Just trying to fuiger out why my car feels the same at 10 lbs of boost as it does at 18. No noticable increase in power....and that leads me to think boost leak.
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I upped mine from the stock 9.5 up to 16 with hallman I cant tell any more power with it @ the increased pressure either. It does sound off during boost alot better though. maybe someone can fix both of us ;-) Michael
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It's best to do it through the throttle body or at the compressor inlet. The assumption is that everything else is sealed (in theory)

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more boost doesnt mean more horsepower. if you fuel pump cant keep up, all your doing is wearing out your turbo. whats your wideband say at full boost/full throttle?

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