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Lucky SOB:)
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Yeah, Ken L was the lucky winner of the clutch I raffled off over the weekend. He'll put it to good use though so that is good.

Below is a list of names of everyone that bought a ticket. I didn't have everyones full name and some I only had there screenname. The * denotes whose who bought more than one ticket.

Pete Dunham*
Ron Baysinger
Dan Eaves
John Bozman
Dan Sheehan*
Nate K.
A. Bollinger
Fred K.
Glenn Spangler
Mike Boirih*
Ken Liff
Chris Senior
David Hawkins
Mark Davidson*
Greg O'Brien*
Paul Leduc
Mike Baucher
Bob Lee*
Elliot Dutro*
Andre Kuebadeaux
Brian Larkin
Frank Tommasone
Everyone that donated at Gator's get together was also included.

It all totalled up to $340. That means $170 goes here to NATO and the other $170 goes to Turboford. I just want to thank everyone that put together the event and whose who bought tickets as well. There were a few that couldn't be at the show and still bought tickets. Thank you

So what should we raffle off next year? Be kind because I'm buying.

Scott Ressler
S&R Racing

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I'd like to thank Scott for buying the clutch and making it all possible. I only wish more tickets could have been sold. It was for a great cause.

I have a great idea for next year. We'll talk later.

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