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Lowering the TC
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Hi again. I'm trying to find some lowering springs for my 88 TC. It seems everywhere that I look might have them for the 88, but then it says 83-87 or 83-86. It skips 88 then goes to 90's. Or, if I do find 88's, it says 8cyl only. I couldn't really find anywhere in the links or anything, so I'd appreciate it if someone could give me a website. I'm looking to maybe drop it 1.5" in the rear and maybe 1" or maybe none in the front. But, what all will I need? Springs, shocks...? I'm really new at this, so if you all would bear with me. =)

Also, has anyone used one of those Superchips? I saw a link for them on a website and it said get 255-300 hp out of your 2.3...Is this something you'd put on a rebuilt engine and not something with 130k miles? Thanks alot everyone!

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First, I've heard nothing but negative responses about the Superchip for our cars. Something about causing, or leading to malfunction in the IRCM I believe...

And if somewhere says the springs will work for ANY 2.3L Thunderbird Turbocoupe it should work fine for ALL TCs. The later models are a little heavier so the drop might be a little more, but it should work out fine. But if you are gion to be driving the car regualarly, Just be conservative with how low you go.

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About the superchip, see the last comment in this thread: [Image: biggrin.gif]

Then do a search on superchip for more info.

The do a search on lowering or lowering springs

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