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Taking TB and Valve Cover to have powdercoated but having a bit of a problem getting the the lower tb off. Seems to be a brace attached to the bolt facing engine/firewall, need to find out how to remove that. I ditched the mechanics and just started working on her myself, went tool happy, still trying to figure out how to use this damn multimeter lol, i dont feel so bad no one in the electrical department at Lowes knew how to use one either. I need a mechanic for dummies book, see what you guys started [Image: smile.gif], once I figure it out, ill be out there testing that tps sensor.

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Lets clarify terms. The TB is the throttle body and it is what the inter cooler connects to and it sits kind of on top of the valve cover. The TB bolts to the upper intake and that in turn bolts to the lower intake which bolts to the head. I believe the bracket you are referring to is bolted to 2 studs that are 2 of 4 bolts that hold the upper intake to the lower. Connected to the that bracket is a brace connected to the dip stick tube.
It holds the dip stick tube to the bracket
with a small bolt (7mm) You need to remove the 7mm bolt. After that you can remove the 2 nuts that hold the bracket to the lower intake stud /bolts. Then you can remove the 4 bolts that hold the upper to the lower.

Read the instruction book that came with the DMM. You will need to set it to DC volts, in the 10-15 volt range to deal with the TPS

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