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Low Fuel Light
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What triggers the low fuel light to go on? I just replaced my pump, as well as my IVR, and I know the tank has gas in it. The gauge reads a half tank, which is correct, going along with the gas I filled it with. However, the low fuel light will go on, then go off, and back on again...What am I looking at here?

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Considering you just changed the pump, I'd say it's a loose connection at the sending unit or at the harness on top of the tank. The fuel gauge's reading is delayed to account for fuel sloshing around, so an intermittent connection would trigger the low fuel alert but not necessarily register on the gauge.

That's a very common problem on the Mark VII, my friend's would always start beeping and saying there were 0 more miles to empty with a full tank of gas!
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There is also a low fuel module mounted vertically behind the glove box. It is a black plastic box with 6-8 wires to it , it is to the left of the opening with the door folded down on 85/85 and I believe to the right on 87/88. Very expensive from Ford but quite common in jy. It is aprox. the size of a 1" thick match book. It also has a mount this side up arrow on lt. I had the same type of intermittant concern on my 86 and it was the module. Goodluck Rick B.

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