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Low boost
Mavericked Offline
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Got an 87 TC which was only boosting around 5 so I installed a Gillis Valve.
Boost now goes to 10. on both regular and premium switch. 

kind of think it takes long to rev as well.

Any Ideas of what's going on?
It seems to accelerate better on regular.

I was expecting more power.

New to turbos. Thanks

Jeff K Offline
Valve installed correctly?

Large vacuum / boost leaks?

Failing turbo?

With a decent turbo the valve should allow boost levels of 20+ psi with nearly instant boost response.
Jeff Korn

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Mavericked Offline
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Thanks for replying Jeff!

Have not had the time to go thru the system and checking for leaks since I have been out of town.

Will definitely check since I believe it Chan be what u said a vacune leak or boost leak. I installed the valve just as instructed in my he provided instruction and it di go from 5 pounds to 10 but seems like I should get more. The car has 166k miles but not abused. I did noticed that it has a single muffler and is very quiet which makes me wonder if exhaust restriction be the issue. Will update once I work on it. Thanks,,,

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