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Looking for help with adhesives on rear lamps
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When I got my TC 21 years ago, I took my tail lights apart to clean them out. They were very dusty and dirty inside, but the chrome reflective surface was still in good shape. I carefully glued them back together with RTV Ultra Black. They have been leak tight for the last 21 years.
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(06-01-2021, 01:56 AM)marko_bohlo Wrote: The rear drivers side lamps came apart in two pieces, the portion that holds the bulbs and reflects, and the outside face portion that has the colored plastic to indicate movement. I scraped all of the old adhesive out of the grooves and am looking for suggestions for something to replace the old adhesive with. I am considering jb weld but I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be a permanent joint. Maybe a caulk would work? Has anyone else had this issue?

I did some research into the various alternatives, chemical compounds, MSDS data sheets, etc., all that good stuff. I concluded the best choice—and what I then used on my left outer tail-light housing to attach the newer outer replacement lens piece—was the caulking you would use to attach/seal sliding metal-framed doors in your shower.

This is it:

[Image: 2021-06-12%2023.21.22.jpg?dl=0]

This product has a good temperature range, and has minimal shrinkage. And, as anyone who has gone Swimming In A Pool—AFTERWARDS—Shrinkage is a problem, the less the better.

Fixed it a couple of years ago, and even in the desert heat it has held up well.
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