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Looked at 87TC odd sticker under hood
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Hey look at another turboford!!!!

87TC white manual, excellant shape, 84k, loaded, original owner, stock except what I'll post about,needs 1 muffler, runs great, new tires and brakes, old guys car, no rust

The sticker is from Ford, its on the driver side plastic cover for the coil. He mentioned his kid took the car to ford in Dearborn, MI.

Certifed Harness No. 14401
EEC-IV Calib Std. Prod
Certified Performance # MG100589

S.V.O. Dearborn
M. Grenowski 10-5-89

Any idea's

The guy wants 3900.00 obo


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Those first 2 codes are spark plugs

As for the rest, maybe they ran the codes or added an extra harness on 10/5/89?
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