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Long time TC Fan, finally have one
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Hi all,

I bought myself this for Christmas.
I always wanted a TC, considered buying one new. This car is almost like new. It has a coupe of cheesy issues I need to work on. It has a coolant leak, and it is shaking a little bit at 3000 rpm, but maybe they all do. I don't know. Somebody put a weenie single exhaust on it at a muffler shop. Otherwise mostly I'll be trying to preserve what's there.

I am in Kingsport, TN. I also own a Mark VII LSC Special Edition

[Image: s-l1600.jpg]


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joe,welcome to the forum very nice find!! t`s ol fords

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Welcome to NATO! Nice looking TC!
Jeff Korn

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That's an excellent choice in color!!

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Thanks! I like it. I like the blue too. I had a friend here who had a bright red one back in the day. I have never seen another bright red, not even a picture on the web.

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