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long list of repairs, busy weekend!
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Ok the wife thinks the car is too old and it needs paint and interior work but I really love this '88 5spd. I bought it used for cheap and wife has used it as a daily driver but it was time to get the bugs out. New clutch, flywheel, rear rotors, brakes all around, ball joints, tie rod ends, rack and pinion, engine gaskets/coolant hoses/camshaft, front wheel bearings, and lots more that I dont remember and have not completed. Still not finished but it just got too cold outside. Pissed the wife off a bit to spend that cash on a old car but makes perfect sense to me. I think all total I spent around $1200 with the new tires and thats really not that much to spend on a car id trust to drive across the country! Maybe I should just go ahead and get a new wife while I am at it...anyone seen a decent one for sale cheap?

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That thing is as good as new now. Alot of work for 1 weekend. Way to go.
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No such thing as a cheap wife my friend!! Especially an ex one!
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