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locked door
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my 88 turbocoupes' passenger side door is locked shut. the automatc door locks do not disengage the door lock, nor can i open the door from the inside with the door release. any suggestions on how to open the door?

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This is what you do :

find either plastic or wood door stops and wedge them in between the window and the rubber molding. Next, take a really heavey piece of wire (A Coat hanger bent in two works) and slide it down in the gap you just made. Slide it down by the door skin just to the left of the lock (Thats on the left if you look at the drivers door) Try to hook the lock actuator rod right by the lock cylinder and pull up GENTLY..... if you pull to hard you can disconnect the rod from the lock itself, causing more problems.....also be patient, it may take a few trys to get it right.

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