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Lines into vac tree ALL screwed up
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From the looks of the diagram i pulled off the site, my vac lines are all mixed up on the vac tree. Rather new to this, and not very mechanically inclined [Image: wink.gif]. Need help knowing what each line is and where it goes to. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. I am most confused [Image: confused.gif] about this whole thing with this system. I have lines blowing off as well...


Pete D Offline
If a line is suppose to go to the vacuum tree, then it makes absolutely no difference which port of the vacuum tree it connects to.
All ports of the tree "see" the same thing, be it vacuum or boost.

If the rubber hoses get old and dry, they can blow off. Best thing to do is just replace them with new vac hose. most parts stores carry it in bulk in several diuameters.

Some lines have check valves in them - little plastic disks of various colors. Don't break them and if replacing the lines they are connected to, get them in the new lines facing in the exact direction they faced in the old lines.

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its a good idea to put hose clamps on every vac line. a lot of the lines see bost and they will blow off when givin the chance.
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You can also use nylon zip ties as hose clamps on the small vacuum lines, they are smaller and the black ones blend in with the black hoses better (less visual clutter than steel worm gear clamps) IMHO.

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