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well the other night i turned my brights on for a little while,i went to switch them back to normal and poof no lights at all.only my brights work....i took apart the steering collum just to see if the swich was stuck or something,,,,what would cause this? how do i fix it?......

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I've never heard of this happening to two bulbs at once, but it's possible for a bulb to burn out just enough that it won't burn under normal currents, but will respond when you flip on the brights. Try checking the bulbs or swapping in some new bulbs (they're cheap enough to do anyways) and see if that clears up the problem.

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I'm having the same problem. If I screw with the switch a little I can get them to work, but they'll still go off from time to time, which as you can relate to, I'm sure, is a little frustrating when you're doing 70 at night. My guess would be that the switch has just gone bad. A couple people have posted the same problems you're having and replacing the bright/dim/blinker switch did the trick. I'm trying to locate one myself.
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For some reason this problem seems somewhat common with TCs. I had something very similar happen to mine last year. Only the brights would work sometimes, and the next day the lows would work again. The problem turned out to be the high/low (or flash to pass) stalk on the steering column. On a hunch I grabbed one at a junkyard and swapped it into my TC and never had the problem after that. The high/low switch would definately be my first guess.

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