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less then 10000 miles
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There is always a reason why a vehicle has so little miles on it. I am not a little ole school teacher who lives around the block from where I work. I am a construction worker and have to drive from a couple miles a day to a hundered.
I bought the car because I liked the way it looked and had liked its body style since 83. Some how I convinced the wife that we needed a family car that she could drive to work. The hardest was convincing her to drive a stick shift. To make a long story short. She did not like the stick shift. So here I was buying her another car to drive to work, AND - where ever else broads drive a million miles a year. I work in construction and refused to park it at construction sights. And so it became a week end car that sat in the garage most of the year.
I am not poor but I sure as shit had a hard time paying for a car that was sitting in the garage.

Anyone out there with a story about their low mileage tc? I'd sure like to read it.
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My car has 46,XXX. I got it from the second owner that drove it approx 8 weekends a year and stored it the rest. He bought it in 91 from a lady that got it for mothers day and didnt like it so she just parked it in the garage. I got it with everything orginal accept the oil.

I say lets see pics too. I will post some of mine when I get a chance.
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