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Less exhaust, less boost?
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I ran out of time last night to finish my exhaust. I got up this morning and the battery was dead in my jeep. Sooooo I drove my TC to work today with just the downpipe; I wanted to evacuate my AC anyhow so no biggie. I notice that I have very little boost and that it takes forever for it to come on.

Could my exhaust be TOO free flowing right now?
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In theory, no, the open exhaust should not be the problem. I think a few others in similar situations have reported similar outcomes. Can't explain it. Are you sure nothin gis restricting air intake?
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In theory it should have no effect but back pressure is a trick thing. With only the down pipe do you hear the turbo whistle even in neutral with just a little rpm above idle?

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When I drove my old (red) 87tc to get the exhaust done all I had was about 1 foot of down pipe. Boosted great! Sounded like a 747 taxing for take off even at low rpm. I could hear the turbo at anything above dead idle.
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