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Lens restoration service - Website Now Avalaible!!!
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gauging interest here, but i may be able to offer this service again. 

i have a stock of about 8 lights, possibly half of them will clean up like new. the other half ill do my best and sell em at labor cost. 

the big issue here is price to ship, these are big lights, and shipping is crazy. 

if theres still interest, im looking at the following:

straight send and return: you send me your pair at your cost, i disassemble them, clean them, coat the insides, reassemble, buff and clear coat, and ship them back. shipping looks like $40 to the 48 states, $60-$70 to CD. ill have about 6 hours in a pair, including drying time. turnaround will be longer than it used to be, as free time is more limited. cost to restore is $200, plus the ride, and a 1% donation will be made to NATO. 

exchange: again, assuming interest, i can do up a set and send them out so you don't have the car down for three weeks, and exchange for yours. Obviously, yours must be in good enough condition to restore. $275 plus the ride ($200 plus $75 deposit. i will return the $75 as soon as i can get your tail lights apart and be sure they are good to go).

sell you a pair: i clean up a nice pair and ship them to you. $275, plus the ride. 

if this seems like its a bit much, i understand. but with kids and a job etc, i don't really have time for this anymore. but, if you really want the nicest set of lights available short of NOS, i still have the knack for this. 

ill let this sit awhile, and see where it goes. 

thanks guys!

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