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Leaks, Leaks and more Leaks
The Shredder Offline
I am really getting tired of fixing leaks in this thing!

To date, I've fixed:
1. Transmission fluid leak - new trans cooler lines
2. Oil leak - oil dipstick
3. Coolant leak - new heater hoses and water neck
4. Power Steering leak - new rack and new pump
5. Heater core coolant leak - new heater core

Man, it's just one fluid leak after another with this car.

Now I have developed a brake fluid leak under the booster/master cylinder (TEVES ABS). I have not investigated it yet, but I heard something about leaky ABS bladders.

Can you guys give me some common brake fluid leak areas to check?

The only fluid that hasn't leaked on this car is the fuel lines (knock on wood). And BTW, I still have to fix the oil sending unit leak.

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Gary F Offline
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It's probably what you think it is. It's typical that a car as old as ours and with as many miles will do this nickle and dime stuff on us. I've decided to skip any mods and concentrate on keeping this car in good working order.
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