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Layla Runs!
AerobirdMotorsports Offline
It took 12 hours, but Layla runs. I have a small list of things left to do, but none of them affect drivability. So, here she is, start to finish.

1988 Ford Tunderbird Turbo Coupe "Layla" (Name all my cars because I own so many!)
Medium Red Clearcoat Metallic/Scarlet Red Leather Interior
All factory options including Power Moonroof (except Automatic Trans)
178,600 Miles!!

87 TC block, bored .030 over
87 TC crank, turned .010/.010
ARP Main Studs
Melling Hi-Volume/Standard Pressure oil pump
87 TC rods, resized, ARP rod bolts
.030 over Sealed Power Forged pistons with coated skirts
Mahle coated bearings (mains/rods)
Internally balanced
88TC head, rebuilt and ported
3-Angle valve job
Fel-Pro seals
Ford A234 Roller cam/followers
Esslinger Star Adjustable cam pulley
new hardened guides
ARP Head Studs
1035 Fel-Pro head gasket
1-piece rubber valve cover gasket
Esslinger valve cover
ported 88TC lower intake
ported 88TC upper intake
"modified" 88TC throttle body
heavily ported E6
Precision SC50R ball-bearing Turbo (50-trim/.60 A/R compressor, .63 Stage III turbine, water-cooled)
MaxPSI Oil lines
Aerobird Motorsports coolant lines
Aerobird Motorsports IC hoses
88 TC Intercooler
Aerobird Motorsports CAI with 12" K&N cone
2.5" single exhaust with axle dump
LA3/35# Injectors/Big VAM
Kirban AFPR
BBK 255HP fuel pump
MSD Blaster II coil
DynoMod "Hot" TFI
RAM Powergrip HD 6-puck Carbon/Kevlar clutch
All Royal Purple fluids
Hankook 225/60/16's

I'm forgetting stuff for sure!

I had to grind the bottom of the TB to get it to fit over the VC. The Essy VC is a quality piece, but it is a pain in the &%$ to get an EFI TC to work with it. I had to cut off the return coupler on the throttle linkage (for auto's only) to get full throttle without bashing the side of the VC.

Still to install:
Auto Meter UltraLite II Boost Gauge
dual-pillar pod
B&M Line-Loc
CHE Upper and Lower rear control arms

Chas K 88 Offline
Looks good Michael,
I cant believe a man with your connections couldn't get a spacer made to go between the upper and lower manifolds to gain clearance for the valve cover. 1/4" could make the difference without causing issues elsewhere.
Love the way it looks though.

Chas K
Current setup - 88 T-bird, 5 speed, vacuum assist master cylinder, T3/T4 50 trim turbo from Bo-port, oil feed & return lines, 3” turbo down elbow, 3" to 2.5" dual exhaust and PiMPx from Stinger 255LPH fuel pump, CD, trip-minder, RR , K&N, 140 MPH speedo conversion (thanks Jeff K).

86XR7auto Offline
well dip me in axle greese and call me slick....

Congrats on the running car....of to the track soon, right????

86XR7 in pieces...old time [email protected] 88TC stock Red RHSC [email protected], 01 Z71=Nice winter ride, 01 CVLX w/HPP wifes ride!

AerobirdMotorsports Offline
June 16th for the track Wink

There's Indy Car racing there for the next 2 weeks, so that's the next night. I have to run about 100 miles worth of break in on it and change the oil before I go. Plus some "tinkering stuff". With the Essy pulley, Gillis Boostvalve, and Kirban AFPR, I can make quite a few changes in the car once I get there. I'll keep you all updated Wink

Pete D Offline
Looks real nice Mike.
Mad Adder (Tony) has phnolic (sp?) spacers for between the upper and lower intakes that are just about 1/2" thick. Had one in my hand at Carlisle Saturday.

In the first picture, what is the brass thing in the valve cover that looks like it is in tghe middle of the front lifting eye?
Pete Dunham


AerobirdMotorsports Offline
Good eye Wink That's the beginnings of my oil catch can plumbing.

I might get a MadAdder spacer, but it could mess with the IC fit. I'll do some measuring.

I also went on a 5-mile drive today. VERY therapeutic BTW. I *tried* to take a video, but steering, videoing, and shifting is harder in Layla then in the truck Big Grin . The T-stat housing ended up having a hole in it, so I had to use a spare. Now there's no leaks of any fluids! (Gotta be a TC first...) So far, so good. I still have my tinkering to do, but it's apparent now that I need to clean out the IAC, adjust the TPS and idle screw, and play with the fuel pressure, boost, and both distributor and cam timing. She's at 10 psi now, and from 4,000-6,500 pulls like CRAZY. Once break-in is done, I'll turn up the wick.

BTW, the only "casualty" from sitting for 6 months, is the left turn blinker, not bad huh?

86XR7auto Offline
Quote:BTW, the only "casualty" from sitting for 6 months, is the left turn blinker, not bad huh? [/QB]
Seem like a small casualty to me.


P.S. I lost my second coolant fan switch in the car. I guess the taurus fan pulls more amps than the cheap autozoo fan I used to run... It might be cool on Wednesday like 70degrees max. I should go back and fight for some 12's
86XR7 in pieces...old time [email protected] 88TC stock Red RHSC [email protected], 01 Z71=Nice winter ride, 01 CVLX w/HPP wifes ride!

AerobirdMotorsports Offline
Do it Travis!

Pete D Offline
Travis, use a realy to take the current shock instead of a switch.
Pete Dunham


AerobirdMotorsports Offline
10 more miles today. Even got a fresh tank of gas! I also installed the V8 TBird radiator overflow bottle (passenger front of radiator) to make room for the oil catch can. Fixed about 7-8 vacuum leaks, and removed the head lifting eye for the oil control plumbing.

Did a big smokey burnout too Wink

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