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LA3 - DONE!! Woohoo!
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Finally got everything in, hooked up, spliced, pinned, etc... I am as happy as can be. Being one who almost always expects the worst, I honestly could not be happier with the results of the swap. Cold start is the most noticeable improvement thus far. Now I only have to start 'er up once! Idle has also improved and there is no crazy rpm swings when I tap the gas.

One thing I wanted to mention that I haven't seen in any of the posts or write-ups on doing this swap. For the VSS, The bundle of wires that comes through the floorboard from the tranny runs up to the middle of the tranny hump behind the front console where it makes a 90-degree turn towards the firewall. It comes out from underneath the carpet back there and this is where I tapped into the wires. I found this to be much easier than to try to move the carpet enough to access it from where it comes into the cabin and I didn't really know what the speed control amplifier looked like. Plus, as an added bonus, since I had it out anyways my climate control has lighting again (lights have been burned out since before I bought it in 1999!). No more groping in the dark for air!

Quick question... as far as scanning for codes goes, is it still vin code "W" for '88? I did a test scan last night and it seemed to be correct. Just want to double check.
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The VIN for the engine changed from W to T starting in 1988.

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