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Kirban FPR installed
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I installed my Kirban a little while ago. The instructions said it would take 1 1/2 hours for a mechanic to install. "Remove the Upper "Intake" was the first thing they said LOL ! Of course, I didn't...and had it on in 15 minutes !

I set the initial pressure to 45lbs without the vac line attached. Plugged the vac bak in and took for a spin.

Maybe I'm dreaming...but that stumble I had between 3-4,000 RPM was GONE completely !!! I couldn't make it stumble at any RPM at WOT no matter how hard I got on it !!! Of course I also had added a can of NOS Octane Booster (The off-road LOL kind) Supposed to be good for 7 more points of octane !!!)

I hope it's the same story tomorrow !!!

Now, on to the Fuel Pump installation (next weekend)

Dan Eaves
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Dan Eaves
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>>Now, on to the Fuel Pump installation (next weekend)<<

Sounds good Dan, I'm behind you in mods.I gotta upgrade my pump and injectors.Maybe a FPR too.
Now when are you getting a MSD 6?
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Dan, those instructions are for installing the AFPR on a 5.0, where you do have to remove the upper intake, and even then it is a PITA to get the FPR on. When I put my Kirban on my 5.0, it did take me an hour and a half or so, but that was about the sixth time I had the intake off, and I knew what I was doing, and where every vac hose goes, etc. If I had never removed the intake before and didnt know what I was doing, it would have been more like a 4+ hour job.

Jeff Korn

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Jeff Korn

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