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keyless touch pad swap
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The keyless entry key pad is ugly [Image: biggrin.gif] on the 88 tc!! Does any one know if you can do a swap with the 1990-93 super coupe key pad, It's black and looks mutch better!

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It is possible, i think the newer ones have adiffernt typ of opening, only thing i thoink off of the top of my hea dit that the conencter are didfretn, and gettin the wiring out of the door to the lower kick panel is a PITA. Im trying to add the keyless entry to my car and that keypad was as far as i have goten, just it allot of wires. its a full eweekend job, if you do the cnverseion let me know, i paint my chrome keypad the same color as my car (wel i was too lazy to mask the crhome up but i did mask the buttons)

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