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Keyless entry lock problem
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I recently had to use the FAQ repair procedure to fix my driver's side window after it dropped off the track. The procedure went well! But as I was begining to reattach the door panel, I noticed my keyless entry system would NOT work. As I began troubleshooting, I noted the following systems/items DID work: All fuses are OK; the door lock switches work fine, the keyless illumination lights are fine; power seats and windows work. It seems that ALL other systems seem to work----but I can't get the keyless entry to work AT ALL. I tried both the original manf code plus my own secondary code. No dice!!!! Before I put the door panel back and have access to the door interior (and keyless pad/wiring) I'd like anyone's suggestions as to what to check next!!! Help!!!!

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What happens when you try to lock the doors with the keypad (pushing the rearmost two buttons simultaneously)? Do the doors lock? If not I'd suspect that the keypad got unplugged from the harness during the window repair and take a look at that. That's about the only thing I can think of, hope it helps.

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did you leave your interior lock/unlock switch unhooked? if so, try reconnecting it. I forget if mine still worked when I had my door apart. hope this helps
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