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key tumbler install
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I am trying to install an key tumbler into the steering column of my 87 TC. The old tumbler was removed by previous owner somehow. There is a copper washer and a nylon ring lying loose and I dont know the order of how these parts fit. any assistance here would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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I have changed the ignition lock cylinders on my 88 TC twice and and my 85 Tbird 5.0 once and I dont remember any copper washers or nylon rings. Removing / replacing the lock cylinder takes under 5 minutes. This summer I replaced the lock cylinder in my 95 Taurus winter beater and it took 2 minutes to do. Part was around $15.
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nylon then metal on outside those are far inside the cylinder cavity. was the car being started with out a key? that the only reason i can see them coming out.
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This is what you should be seeing when you look into the column at the key switch location. If you see otherwise, there is likely some type of problem.
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Ok, guys thanks! Evidently, I am missing a gear and a locking. Now for a trip to the salvage....unless someone has one to send me. I'm guessing these would be in all eighties model ford into the early nineties?

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