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K&N behind front fascia
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I've heard that some of you guys have relocated your k&n's to the cooler area in front of the radiator. What parts did you guys use? I just foolishly wasted about $10 at home depot awhile ago (i didn't think to make sure a 3" tube would fit through that opening in the frame) and am curious as to what other people used. I simply bought a section of pvc tubing, a 90º pvc elbow and a rubber attachment peice to join the VAM to the first peice of PVC tubing.
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I used a piece of stiff 3" rubber tubing with a 90 degree angle in it. The 3" will fit through that hole behind the headlight but I had to notch the back of the plastic headlight housing to get it to fit right. I ran it all the way down to the slots in the air dam and zip tied it to the dam. Works great, cold air and it doesn't get wet.

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I used about 9" of 3" diameter rubber hose (truck supply shop) from the VAM to the wall opening right behind the headlight.Then I used a piece of 3" diameter, 4 segment heating and cooling tin duct (the segments rotate and the whole thing can be twisted from straight to 90* and any angle inbetween)
from the hose, throught the radiator support wall hole. I put the K&N in from the bottom and clamped it to the tin duct. E-mail me for some pics and write up

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and jack rails.
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