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Just ordered a high pressure pump from jds!
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Dumb questio.. I'm on stock injectors for a 88 and I have a BBK adjustable fuel pressure regulator. I'm looking to be around 16-17 psi for my IHI that's about all I wanna push it. What psi shoul I be running ? And I'm a lil confused on the vacuum hose on or off readings?
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Fuel rail pressures should be 39-40psi with the vacuum hose disconnected from the regulator. With normal idle and vacuum, pressures should be about ~32-35psi or so with the vacuum line connected; it will vary. The regulator strives to keep ~39-40psi pressure drop across the injector which is why fuel pressure goes up with boost.

Some will say to bump base pressure when you're running more boost since the stock tune isn't set up for the additional air through the Vane-Air Meter. EEC closed-loop routines should keep idle/part-throttle fuel trims in check and you'll have the additional enrichment at WOT.

I've converted my car to MAF and tune with a Quarterhorse, so I just tune the fueling for my mostly stock engine to be what it needs to be.

I'm thinking you'll likely be OK to run as-is with 17psi. But since you already have an adjustable FPR, if you want to be more comfortable, you can put base fuel pressure at 41-42psi.
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Followup any of you guys recommend running a direct 12 volt feed on a relay to the pump? It was mentioned to me but then again im not running 400 HP either.
88 5 speed TC
-3" DP,lowered, 255 Walbro, Gillis valve, Cobra R's, bondo/rust, Stinger's PIMP Ecu

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With the engine running with the Walbro pump, measure batt voltage and voltage at the inertia switch (either pin, both should be virtually the same). Report back with the voltages.
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