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just checking in...
natmac3 Offline
been busy... and the bird's been sitting too long.

brakeline's are rotted out now, and the last few driveway launches before the brakeline failed caused the rear window to pop the adhesive and now its just held in place by its own weight.  it hasnt moved more than a few feet in the past couple years.

but mechanically everything under the hood still works, and the drivetrain and suspension are still good, and that old PIMP prototype is still going strong, and running smoothly.  i probably should change the oil and fuel when the weather gets a little better.

still in MD.
5 kids now... 
youngest starts kindergarten in the fall.
oldest starts high school.
going to have 5 kids in 4 different schools soon.
i didnt have any kids when the forums were created.
wow, time flies.

a few minutes looking around showed me some things have changed a lot, and others not so much.

anyway, just checking in.  saying hi.
and planning to keep in touch as time permits.

yall be safe...
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spittinfire Offline
Wow, 5 kids...I've got 3 and I thought I was busy. My oldest is getting ready to turn 10 and my youngest is 5. They all love my Thunderbird so I think it's going to stick around, even though my wife hates it. Hopefully you'll get a little time to make some progress on it.

natmac3 Offline

still runs... here's some proof!
old gas, old oil, no battery, jump pack on terminal ends, fired up with minimal effort...
tough old engine...
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Jeff K Offline
Good to hear you still have your TC Nate and that it still runs!!!
Jeff Korn

88 Turbo Coupe: Intake and exhaust mods, T3 turbo at 24 psi, forced air IC, water injection, BPV, Ranger cam, subframes, etc., etc.
86 Tbird 5.0 (original owner): intake, exhaust, valvetrain mods, 100 HP N2O, ignition, gears, suspension, etc., etc.
11 Crown Vic Interceptor
14 Toyota Camry (wifes car)
95 Taurus GL Vulcan winter beater
67 Honda 450 Super Sport - completely customized

BJL Offline
Nat i was thinking of you, we drove to Disney and passed Aberdeen exit... glad to see your still around checking in!
one day you will be back running around! i found a video of my Gray TC at Cecil on your youtube page!
Brian Larkin
88TC 330,000 miles
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