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So i have seen alot (youtube and random forums etc) of 2.3L with BOV's. how are they running them w/ the vam and stock computer setup. i always thought i couldnt because the VAM would think the BOV is an airleak or somethin like that. So how are these guys runnin this on the stock ecu is my ?

thanks for the input
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There are a few different types of bov. The dual piston design such as the one stinger offers will work well with air metered systems. Look at the description for the valves at
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The valve is on the preasure side of the TURBO. And works on DECELL. I have one on all my turbo cars. Its necessary to keep the turbo HAPPY. Thanks

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As long as it's a Dual Piston valve you're fine. Do not use a single piston valve with the VAM. The one Stinger sells works very well and is easy to install.
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I have a tial on my 88 and it's fine just runs a little rich for the second it's open I have not had any related problems with it
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