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Here's the story, I found a local JY that has an 88TC with a complete rear end. All i REALLY need is one axle shaft. What I'd LIKE to get is the 2 snowflake rims still on the axles! My huge problem is the locking lug nuts still holding them on. The front wheels are both gone and I found one of those lugs in the floor of the car, but no socket adapter to go with them. Would have been too sweet if my socket's pattern would have fit these. Any ideas how to get the locking lug off AT the junk yard with out the use of pyrotechnics or nuclear weapons? The lugs do not appear to be original to the car so I don't even know the brand (originals were by McGuard, I still have mine) so finding a replacement key socket is going to be tuff. The wheels are in really good condition so I really don't want to damage them just to get my axle.
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I have heard that driving a socket on the lug usually works. I take a grinder(i was at home) and cut a pair of notches then use the vise-grips.

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The guy at the tire shop used a big standard screwdriver driven into the slot to get the locking hubcaps off; I don't know if that would work for the locking lugnuts, though.

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take a 4 way lug wrench and jam it on the lock, put down pressure on it and turn the lug off. always works for me
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U could try going to the ford dealer and seeing if they have an adapter to fit it, just take one of the lock nuts laying in the floor and see if you could rent it from them if they have one to fit
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I have a set of locking lug removal tools. I beleive they rent these at AutoZone!(Mine came with my Snap-on box)
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Take a big screwdriver,hammer, and Chizel with you. Take the chizel and cut a groove into the side of the lug. (9:00 position)After you have a ggod groove in it, take the big screwdriver and hammer and bang on it real hard untill the lug turns. Once it turns take a pair of vice grips and turn it the rest of the way off. Let me know when you need a jimmyrig way of removing tires. I can get tires off in less than 5 minutes with just a couple of basic tools. The things you learn when you are broke or just plain cheap.LOL
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