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Jilted Prom Date
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She/ it runs again!! Thanks to everyone to on there input on the lost key situation, I ended up swaping the column.Happen to check in on some work beening done on my rental property (Chev Boys)there and a 72 camero pulls up to pick up some things. I start checking out the car and thought SWEET, wana play? He looked at my bird, the tenants yell DONT DO IT!! He looks at me and says " My uncle owned on of those f#$%ing turbo's", no thanks I'll bring my 87 IROC then we'll talk. I started to feel like a jilted prom date, I'm really to old for this shit but damm it's fun,time for Norwalk.

Damm right it's mine, I pushed it here!
Damm right it's mine, I pushed it here!

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