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or for that matter, any of you who have accomplished the modification outlined HERE---------->;t=043058

I have a couple of questions that i need answered before tommarow mid-morning.

First- I'm planning on running direct power to the injectors and to the fuel pump thru relays tommarow.

1. The signal wire that i should tap for the injectors (Off of the IRCM) Is pin # 8 correct? Is that the only wire off of the IRCM that I need to tap for both the injectors and the Fuel pump? If not, let me know. And BTW, what color and or tracer is that wire going to be? An does this simply hook to the "Switch" portion of the relay?

2. As far as the wire for the fuel injectors, What color wire do i need to hook to the Output side of the relay? Is it the red Wire?

3. Same as question #2 , but appling to the fuel pump.

4. NOW. My Idea of this whole thing is this and correct me if i'm wrong.

I use the VPWR wire out of the IRCM (Pin #8? Red, no tracer?) and splice two signal wires out of it (one for the pump, one for the injectors) and connect them to the "switch" portion of each relay. I then hook 12V fused power from the battery to the 12V "In" portion of each relay and a ground to the "Ground" portion of each relay. I then hook whatever wire I need to add from the fuel injectors the 12v "Out" prtion of one relay, and whatever wire from the pump into the 12V "out" portion of the other relay. I know its confusing, and yes i'm going to use only ONE relay for each circuit.

Sound correct?

5. Any reccomendations on fuse size for these circuits?

6. Is there really a need for the 10Ga Parallell wire on the VPWR wire once i remove the power requirements of the injectors and the pump from the circuit?

7. Is there anything I'm Missing?

What I really need to know is the color of the Injector Wire I need to tap, The Fuel pump wire I'm going to tap, and the wire or wires i need to tap comming out of the IRCM to accomplish this. i bought a small project box and an assload of heatshrink, solder, connectors and loom to get this thing accomplished on my day off.

So? Answers? Comments? Flames? Smile I am teh suck at all of this wiring bullcrap! LOL
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Not sure as i have just briefly read that post on turboford for the first time. However to clarify working with relays, to energize the relay refer to that as connect the 12v signal wire to the coil of the injector relay (for example). Then connect 12v from the battery to the contact of the relay and the other contact to the injector power wire (for example). This will help describe how the item in question is wired, hope that helps, interesting find also...
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Right. I have the theory behind hooking up a relay down, i just need to know what wires to tap and everything. i dont have an EVTM handy, so thats why i'm askin' Smile
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I have temporarily mislaid my EVTM so I cannot answer with the authority you need. I suggest that you step back a little and make a drawing of all your proposed mods and wiring changes, and include wire colors and all that stuff.

Also I know it's elementary for some but I see no mention of the new relay switched circuits being fused. Don't forget your protection or you may let the smoke out!

Hopefully Jeff or someone with an EVTM handy will jump in and check your wire colors. I really suggest a drawing, though, for something this major. Also that way you could post the drawing instead of having to verbally describe everything which is always a pain and can easily be misinterpreted.

Just my 3¢ worth, good luck.
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Here is a wire diagram for Integrated Control Relay Module for the 87 88 Birds SCM.gif

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Quote:Originally posted by Spooler87:
or for that matter, any of you who have accomplished the modification outlined HERE---------->;t=043058

I then hook 12V fused power from the battery to the 12V "In" portion of each relay and
I mentioned it right there, but you are definitely right, I was kind of vague, and drawing out a diagram is going to be a hell of a lot easier for everyone to understand. When I'm done with this whole deal, I'm going to write up a "How to" so we can understand it better. I'm drawing everything i need from the post from Turboford above and I'll ask permission to write it all up.

Footintim: Thanks, that will help quite a bit. Now All I need is to fuiger out what wires I need to tap into. I know i have to tap into the fuel pump circuit and the Injector circuit. But what colors are they? where should I tap into? thats the question.
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Check you email for the EEC circuits, including IRCM
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Fuel pump: Cut Blue/pink wire at IRCM (this wire feeds the fuel pump). Run the one coming out of the IRCM to one relay coil terminal, other coil terminal to ground. Run 12 V from batt to one realy contact terminal, and the free end of the BL/PK (one that goes into harness) to the other relay contact.

Injectors: 12V injetor feed is easiest to access just in back of the upper intake. there is a black 4 terminal connetor. One of the wires is red. That (red) is the power feed to the injectors. Cut this wire, and wire it just as explained above for the pump.
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I wired mine just as Jeff explained and it works great. It definatly runs smoother and is recommended for anybody running a larger fuel pump and injectors. Plus its very good prewiring for a MS setup. I purchased a small 6 fuse, fuse block from advance to make wiring easier. It only cost $8 and was well worth it to help neaten under the hood.
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