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Its November and time to put the car up
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yup , past week or so was still good weather , close to 60 F , so now its the 1st week of Nov. and now time to put up, as most of us will, unless your Rdog in sunny cali . Don't forget your gas treatment in the tank, and that 1 time a month , if you can to start her up . That gives us time to save up money for that next step for the car, there is always something . D.Wilder

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Mine has been put away for About 2 weeks, and already miss it. I did put on 7,000 miles this year though. WOOHOO! Just makes you enjoy it that much more when it comes back out in the spring. The GTO only went 1,005 miles this year and most of that was going to Carlisle for GM Nationals. Got some things I want to get done to the bird so it is nice to have the winter for it to be down, NOW if I can only find the time to get to work on it.
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Is it true that storing with less than a full tank of gas can allow condensation in the tank? Read that on the bottle of Sta-Bil red stuff and hadn't heard that before.
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This is always a sad time of the year for me... I am still driving my Tbirds on a semi regular basis, but it isnt the same driving around with a heavy coat on and the heater cranked as it is cruzin the backroads in the summer with the windows down and the tunes cranked up. As soon as our first snow is predicted, the Birds will go into storage until spring, and the salt is gone from the roads.

The wife and I took a 2 day 600 mile trip around the state 2 weekends ago to look at the fall colors in the 86. When we got back and I parked it, I looked back at it and thought "goodbye old friend, thats your last roadtrip for 6+ months".
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RC, I believe in keeping a full tank of gas during storage. It doesn't hurt anything. I just topped mine off yesterday although I hope to get a couple more drives in. I'm always sad to put it away for the winter.
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I just drive mine all year :dunno:
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I drive mine year round as well. No reason to put them away here, it never snows, and even when it does they don't salt the roads. Main reason why all our cars are so rust-free here. +1 Good Southern Living!
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Mine went in storage in the garage today. Filled the tank and put in some Stabil and put on the car cover. I'll start her over the winter a few times just to keep things lubricated but now it's just looking forward to next year.
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