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Got to edit this.The engine is in and started on the first try(some what}. anyway timed it last night and took the A out for a spin. HOLY S+*&! what a differance, between a carbed 2.3 {thats the engine originally in the car} and a turbocharged 2.3. Still need to install a dash, Gauges are now mounted in cardboard. {not pretty but........}.
Many thanks to this board, and members of Nato. who helped answer my questions.
For those who are wondering why this day is such a big deal. Its because ive have taken a na 2.3 out of a 1929 Model A Pheaton and installed a complete drive train from a (Wrecked) 1987 turbo coupe.
PS. any one interested in a carberated 2.3 HEHE
I might now have the boost,but putting a picture of the A on the net...... not a clue.
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FINALLY! Somebody swapping a 2.3T INTO a car. [Image: wink.gif] Congratulations, and best of luck with the new toy.
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Congratulation on the new baby. Glad to hear that father and child are doing well. Have Fun!

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Yeah, that is the first I've heard of swapping a 2.3 into...It seems it's all about the five-ohs with these things. So now you have a 1929 model A with a turbo and an 87 drive train? I'd love to see some pics of that bro. Good job and congrats.

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We need PICS!!!!!

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