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It worked!
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Just wanted to post a follow up on my ported E-6.
I got it on finally after battling with the EGR tube. Could'nt get it undone even with heat so I ripped the whole tube out with the manifold. That was the last thing I thought I would have trouble with. Everything else came apart fairly easy for the most part. No broken bolts like I imagined.
So the results are fairly impressive.
Better spoolup than before and higher boost as well. I had to turn my bleed valve in a turn just to be safe. [Image: smile.gif]
Pete, you are very correct when you say the most gain is on the exhaust side. Even with this little turbo it helped a lot. I can only imagine what a t3 or hybrid would be like but this IHI is pretty responsive.
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Gary, I'm glad you are pleased with the results. The IHI can be turned into a very responsive street package. If I don't sell it today I'll be doing that with the daily driver over the winter. It gets an el cheapo oversized exhaust system as soon as I can get it to the shop. I got a spare head and E-6 that will see the grinder this winter.

Enjoy it and keep us posted

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