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It stalls
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I have an 88 Turbo. I have had it for several years, but it started acting up last year. I posted a I need help in the forum here; but have to this day still have problems. Last year, I replaced a non-fixable leaky radiator and decided to replace the thermostat and coolant temp sensor.Once the coolant problems were OK; I had a series of stalls occur. I wasn't aware of the TFI Ignition Module " Heat/Stall" problem at that time.For various reasons, I replaced the TPS/IAC(per NATO procedure),Ign coil,starter switch. When I finally saw the TFI topic, here, I replaced and remotely mounted the Ign Module on a heat sink. Didn't fix things, plus the fans were kicking on erratically. Had to wait for warm weather this year to work on engine. Finally re-placed the ECA computer and then the ICRM. The fans finally were kicking on after the ICRM was replaced and holding temp just fine. Took the car to pass mandatory NM emmissions------no problem. Did well. Thought all was well---until last week the car stalled while warmed up, but good temp range. Gave up and limped to a Mech Shop. Bottom line---No it was not the fuel pump/fuel problem. they said my Ign Coil bad (although had been relaced last year). They were about to hand me keys---problem solved; when their mechanic yelled out---NO! NO! They have checked wiring, the IGN module; everything to do with Ignition. It will start, run and stall within ten minutes. Heat is affecting something. As LAST ditch effort, they were going to replace the Dist; although I put in new PIP rotor last year. Haven't heard from them yet today!!! Don't think they can get scan Codes because the wiring to the remote plug-in is not right----I think. Does anyone know of any sensor or ignition device I haven't thought of that might be affected by heat (normal temps not over-heating)?????? HELP!!!!! HELP!!!!

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It would be good if to get the codes, before you spend any more money. If the wiring isn't right, that might be a clue. There are a couple of sensors that might come into play on this. One does not always set a code, has to be real bad to set code. However the ECT usually causes trouble while cold and warming up, not so much after warm up.

The other would most likely set a code and that's why getting codes would be good.

The TFI can fail when hot. I wouldn't think a relatively new one that is remotely mounted would be the problem, unless it was a really cheap one, which aren't recommended. I think you need to look at the wiring issue just to be sure.
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Check the ignition switch in the steering column. Turned out to be my problem after spending a lot of the same time and money you did.

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