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After 2 long months after my car had been broken into and from what I deemed needed a lot of work. I got it started yesterday. Low and behold i tore off the rest of the plastic that surrounds the steering column and seen a plug that had been disconnected, I felt really stupid for not looking that deep into it. After piecing the parts in the motor bay back together like cutting the hard line for the oil return line off of the turbo and putting a transmission soft line in its place. It fired right up.

Also I got a new steering column, trunk lid, DS quarter glass, and some other small parts off of trbochkn88 it will be good as new. Well after I track down the source of the transmission leak, I think it is coming from the seal that the touc converter goes through.

This makes me happy i will save around 100 on gas a month. Now I can save for some parts for my Jeep and Nova.

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Sounds like you're getting there. I saw your column there when I picked my parts up from Troy. He said someone was picking up a deck lid and column and I thought it might be you.

You should post some pics sometime of your progress.

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Congrats......I just got a new steering rack installed in my TC....drives like a new car...I mean everything is new. Im going to a buddies to install new(rebuilt) injectors. Today, hoping for more fuel economy. Im only getting 20-21mpg on the highway. I should have bought new ones...just kinda spent my car budget last couple of weeks.

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